Apocalypse Party

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  • The moment of "Apocalypse" approaches, this time... ...you fight for yourself!

    「Apocalypse Party」 is distinct from the former 「Project Zero」
    In this installment, you will delve deeper into this long-standing battle, with the story gradually becoming incredible! Time travel? Apocalypse? Saving the world? You will face many more unknown challenges... ...
    But it still retains our beloved RogueLike + mowing-down-enemies combo, and you will face this catastrophe online with your friends (of course, you can also face it alone)!

    Engaging and Deep Mechanics

    Talent pool expanded to 450! And most of them are mechanics that can change the course of battle

    Additionally, there are:

    Hundreds of distinct ranged and melee weapons!
    A plethora of divine ultimate skills!
    35 varied hero characters, hundreds of unique hero skills

    The richness has increased by more than 10 times compared to the former installment! Can you build the strongest combo?

    Supports Multiplayer, shall we join the hunting party tonight?

    Support up to 3 multiplayer online!

    Massive hordes of zombies, exhilarating mowing-down action, why enjoy it alone?

    Imagine the joy of roaming through a sea of zombies with your friends!

    Call them, support each other, move forward or retreat together, survive here!

    Of course, we kindly remind you, a "friendship-ends" scenario is not excluded :)

    You crave some real challenge, don't you?

    In this game, you will face the ultimate challenge.

    9 highly challenging Bosses!

    Only rapid growth can help you withstand the fierce attacks from the Bosses, accept the challenge, defeat them, and show them who’s boss now!

    Perhaps we can do some time traveling!

    A brand new storyline takes you into this familiar yet strange world, continuing a tale of redemption amidst time traveling:

    The tragic death of loved ones
    The desperate nuclear explosion
    The eerie rebirth
    The deathly quiet town
    The dark dungeons

    ... ...

    We are continuously focusing on your gameplay experience!

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