Cepheus Protocol

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  • Early Access Game

    Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further.

    Cepheus Protocol – Survive the Virus. Save the City!

    You are invited to enter Cepheus Protocol, an innovative Open-World Sandbox Zombie Strategy Game. You'll command the Center for Epidemic Research and Control – also known as the CERC. It's now up to you to rescue San Francisco from a mysterious alien virus that has converted its people into horribly mutated zombie beings.

    In Cepheus Protocol, the fate of a whole city lies in your hands as you must make quick decisions to protect what's yours and defend those who cannot fight for themselves. You must race against time to secure resources and build fortifications before the zombie horde descends upon your position like a tidal wave of death.
    Your forces are ready and waiting, bristling with an arsenal of high-tech military instruments. You must command your elite soldiers as you take back the city, inch by devastating inch. Construct your strongholds, barriers, and traps in anticipation of a zombie onslaught. Arm your troops with state-of-the-art technology to engineer their own success. And call in off-map assistance to crush the undead horde. But beware…you aren’t the only ones fighting for survival - hostile survivors have banded together and are actively working against you.

    An unstoppable tide of ravenous zombies floods the city, growing in numbers and strength with each passing hour. As they rampage through the streets, their mere presence a searing death-knell, they infect every living being in sight and transform the land into a nightmarish realm of unspeakable horror.
    The cries of the desperate civilians fill the air as you throw yourself into their service. There is no time to hesitate, no time to rest; every moment counts in this struggle for survival. But if things take a turn for the worse, and it's either them or you, will you be able to make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good?

    Take control of an elite special operative whose skills and expertise completely revolutionize the battlefield. This master soldier brings the battle up close and personal, providing a stunningly immersive view of war like no other.
    Unlock the Global Doctrines. Outfit your army with weapons, vehicles, and equipment that will give you the edge against an unyielding zombie horde. Every second counts as you must learn to adapt quickly.

    Unite with those who have vowed to fight the zombie horde, or face their fire should they stand in your way. The survival of this new world demands that you master the art of depravity and take up arms against any who may threaten your existence. This is a war to the death, and only the strongest will survive.
    Do you have what it takes to lead the CERC? Join the fight and find out!

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