Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer (EU)


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  • Diablo 3 - Rise of the Necromancer (DLC) Battle.net Key

    Blizzard Entertainment delivers another majestic addition to the famous action RPG game Diablo 3, introducing more hours of gameplay, additional content and other perks to enjoy as you travel through the gritty, dark world! Buy Diablo 3 - Rise of the Necromancer (DLC) Battle.net key and behold the new Necromancer class, centring around the spells that focus on blood and bones. The world in Diablo is full of different character classes, intense action and plot twists, so dive into the epicentre of the events and watch the story unfold before your very eyes!

    Rise of the Necromancer gameplay features

    Diablo 3 - Rise of the Necromancer key offers a variety of gameplay features to enhance your Diablo experience and create the perfect opportunity for getting the best of the game!

    • A new class. The DLC introduces the Necromancer class into the game, along with lore and a set of skills that focus on the spells that employ blood and bones; • Additional content. Along with the new class, you also receive a pet, a new pair of wings, a new pennant, two additional character slots and more; • Gritty atmosphere. Step into the dark world of Diablo 3 once more, traversing through dark and dangerous places as the mood of doom lingers around persistently; • Engaging combat. During combative encounters, you fight your enemies using the hack & slash principle while also utilizing your special abilities;

    Diablo 3 

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