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  • Early Access Game

    Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further.

    Survival takes a deadly toll…
    Exterminate hordes of zombies in a world devastated by a deadly virus and collect resources for one of the last survivor camps. FatalZone is an auto shooter with roguelike and RPG elements where you fortify your camp and send mercenaries on deadly missions... all of that to save humanity!

    Risk it all on deadly runs to create the most effective build and unlock a slew of new skills and new characters. Level up your merc on the battlefield and grant them new skill combos in the camp. The more runs, the more seasoned your veterans are, but everyone is mortal.

    Develop your survivor camp to unlock buffs. Upgrade merc skills in the Training Hall, recruit new mercs at the Mercenary Base, and upgrade your weapons and armor in the workshop. Upgraded buildings increase your chances of survival.

    During a run, your mercs are exposed to the virus that takes its toll on the body. A bigger viral load undermines a merc's physical state and increases their chances of developing a mutation that could be beneficial or detrimental. Experiment to create the most viable fighter!

    If you're about to be overwhelmed by the zombies’ onslaught, run for your life! Evac is always an option — wrap your mission up early and live to fight another day. Just make it to the copter!

    Upgrade your camp to unlock buffs, equipment, and mercs
    Hire and train new mercs to replace KIAs
    Use the evac copter to wrap up missions early
    Create the most effective merc build
    Gain mutations that give unique skills or debuffs
    Use the inventory to place weapons and armor. Weapons grant starting fighting skills, while armor provides stats
    Choose from 5 levels of difficulty
    Fight on procedurally generated maps. Every run is a new challenge!
    Unlock numerous achievements to prove your mettle

    Content of the version:

    3 locations
    7 character classes
    51 unique perks to upgrade your characters with
    7 types of weapons
    9 types of armor
    37 attack and defense skills
    13 evolution paths for weapons and attack skills
    34 enemy types (14 of them have unique art)
    6 different difficulty levels for the 3 locations
    6 base camp buildings, each with its own features and 10 upgrade levels
    51 character stats
    Lots of mutations that change character stats randomly
    5 powerups (on top of all the resources and XP)
    50 achievements
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