First Dwarf

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  • Early Access Game

    Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further.

    First Dwarf is an immersive action RPG colony survival with base building and tower defense mechanics, which will test your survival and exploration skills in a fantasy open world, sprawling on islands floating in the sky.

    Game features:

    Control dwarf Tru, pilot the powerful mech and fly with Ragna the Dragon, each with their own skills to upgrade
    Build, optimize and look after your colonies
    Upgrade, craft and discover new structures, technologies, tools and weapons
    Fight Tainted enemies by engaging in close combat and by building defensive turrets and walls in advance, preparing not only for monster waves, but also natural disasters
    Heal the Tainted animals or purge the island of them - the choice is yours
    Unveil the hidden secrets of Driftland and learn the truth about Tru’s father’s past
    Embark on an adventure alone or with a friend in co-op assist mode

    Planet Driftland is no more. A mage war has shattered the globe into floating islands and turned the inhabitants into barbaric tribes. Amongst the desolation, the dwarves alone prevailed, but not for long. Resources are running short, and the once great civilization is breathing its final breaths. In a desperate attempt to secure the future, they send the First Dwarf in a mighty airship to the celestial islands in search of material to save the once powerful dwarven kingdom. Unfortunately, he went missing, failing his quest and disgracing his family.

    Many years later, you take control of Tru, the new First Dwarf, and Ragna, a scholar dragon that aids the settler with her knowledge. You embark on a mission not only to find better lands for your Clan, but also to restore Tru’s father’s good name and carry on the legacy. Jump into the First Dwarf mech, powerful machine that will help you during this dangerous adventure.
    Prepare the new land for your people by completing tasks such as clearing it from monsters, drying the soil, or curing the water sources. Increase respect amongst your folks through various challenges and bring in other Clan guilds. Fortify your colonies and expand them, using various structures and buildings. Plan the greatest strategy that works for you! Defend them not only from many types of enemies - from amphibiotic mutants to gigantic, acid-spitting monstrosities, but also natural disasters and unique weather events, such as harsh temperature, Taint rains and volcano eruptions. You’ll also encounter beautiful animals, some of them in need of your help. Will you stop by for a bit?

    Explore uncharted floating islands, hiding the ancient secrets of Eskoim people, either with mech or Ragna the dragon and develop new gadgets, weapons and structures with Dwarf Tru. Get behind the wheel of your own airship for the fastest way to travel through colonies! Upgrade your armor and gain new skills! Feel its power and master the action-oriented combat system. Obtain cosmetic blueprints for your mech and ship, craft them and express your creativity by making a sigil for your own guild.

    Become the First Dwarf and bring glory to your Clan! BUILD your colony, FIGHT your enemies, EXPLORE fantasy Driftland world and SURVIVE! May the world remember your story forever.

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