Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

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  • Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is the third Guild Wars 2 expansion. For ages, the Elder Dragons have both sustained and blighted Tyria in a cycle that maintains the balance of magic. Now that cycle is collapsing, and only two Elder Dragons still live: Aurene, who shoulders the legacy of every dragon before her; and the elusive Deep Sea Dragon, whose motives and origin are a mystery. Mortal hearts and choices will define this moment in history—and echo into the future forever.

    Explore four new maps across the continent of Cantha, customize your character with nine new elite specializations, collect new weapon and armor skins, and more!

    The multiplayer Siege Turtle can bear two riders: one to handle the turtle, and another to operate the weapons strapped to its shell. Raise your own walking war machine and take a friend out for combat adventures!

    Jade Bots are a hero's best friend, powered by innovative jade tech. Unlock your own bot and train their Mastery line to help them learn new abilities like gliding boosts, personal waypoints, and more. Customize yours to suit your adventures!

    Your personal skiff is your home away from home on the waves. Explore, relax, or drop the anchor to fish up over two hundred unique species around Tyria. Ferry your whole party from shore to shore and claim victory in fishing events.
    *Players may need to relaunch the game for the upgrade to take effect.
    **Please note that existing Guild Wars 2 player accounts cannot be accessed via Steam

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