Lords and Villeins: The Great Houses Edition

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  • Lords and Villeins: The Great Houses Edition includes:

    Lords and Villeins
    Lords and Villeins: The Great Houses DLC

    Experience a highly complex simulation of markets within a sophisticated feudal city-builder. The royals entrusted you to settle and govern a new land, and it is your duty to exploit its riches for the benefit of the realm, your own wealth, and if you feel generous, the villagers alike! In order to do this, you will zone out plots, build houses, determine taxation policies, set priorities, and grow the supply chain alongside your population.

    Families are the centrepiece of Lords and Villeins. Their profession dictates their occupation in the economy and the kind of businesses they can run. Once you assign them a plot of land and build their house, they will do so almost completely autonomously, all the while managing their stock, setting aside produce to pay taxes, and trading with other families and caravans for supplies and to maximise their profit.
    Your role is to direct and regulate the economy. Balance the supply and demand, secure critical resources, and maintain stable growth. Lords and Villeins offers you a sandbox with an in-depth simulation and a great variety of strategies to manage it! Ranging from a fully communist economy where all produce is taxed and redistributed from your warehouse to a free marketplace with little to no intervention.
    Logistics will challenge your management skills. As your settlement grows, you need to keep in mind the travelling distances, storage placements, private markets, and housing while reflecting on the terrain and its natural resources in order to fully optimise the productivity of each villager.

    Highly customizable gameplay lets you craft the exact kind of game that fits your taste! Between a great variety of game modules and difficulty sliders, you can tweak the experience and focus on the elements of the game that you enjoy the most. While Lords and Villeins is primarily an economically driven game and military conflict plays only a small role, there are tons of options to explore and play with!

    The Great Houses DLC expands the unique feudal economy simulation of Lords and Villeins allowing you to leave your mark on the world at large with a host of new, intricate gameplay mechanics.

    You can now truly live out the fantasy of building up a great noble house by growing your influence, purchasing land titles and sending peasant families to exploit the new territories to achieve unprecedented levels of wealth and prosperity. You are not alone in this world however - engage in diplomacy and trade with other, AI-controlled, Noble Houses, including the Royal family and their royal city itself; or choose to reach your goals by military means and subdue your competition. It is up to you to decide what the legacy of your House will be.

    Start by designing a sigil and a house motto for your family in a new noble house creator. Once your settlement grows and you are ready to expand, spend resources to acquire more territories, assign families to develop them and send military regiments to protect your new lands. Build trade routes to connect with other settlements on the map, complete quests to strengthen your relationships with other Noble Houses and strike lucrative trade deals with them to bring a new type of caravans to your settlement. On the other hand, if you like the taste of battle and believe in the strength of your armies, you can send them out to raid the territories of other houses and reap the rewards of their labor, or invade them outright, to take control of their lands by force - all thanks to a new turn-based combat system.

    Key Features:
    Explore a brand-new world map view spanning the nation, including other AI-controlled Great Houses and the Royal City.
    Customize your Great House with a new sigil editor.
    Assign families to territories on the world map, develop them and exploit their production.
    Manage diplomatic relationships with other Great Houses and their settlements.
    Build trade routes to connect cities and enter trade deals to generate new impactful caravans for your settlement.
    New (optional) turn-based combat system to execute strategic battles.
    Deploy regiments to protect territories from hostile attacks.
    Raid other houses to acquire their resources, or invade and take control of their territory.
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