Might & Magic VI: Mandate of Heaven (PC)

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  • The Mandate of Heaven is the sixth part of the Might and Magic series set in the world of Erathia - one of the most popular series of cRPG games, created by New World Computing. The best and most elaborate installment of the saga, it is also considered a landmark game in the entire series.

    In terms of plot, the game bridges the gap between the events described in the second and third parts of Heroes of Might and Magic. The plot takes us back to the time when the royal Ironfist dynasty began to decline. The good King Roland disappeared and the land of Enroth was in chaos. The followers of the apocalypse decide to dethrone the acting king, Prince Nicolai, and put their leader on the throne. Meanwhile, the people of Enroth, unable to stand up to their oppressors, reassert themselves in the belief that their ruler has lost the titular “Mandate of Heaven” - i.e. the divine right to rule. Only a group of extraordinary, courageous heroes can defy evil, regain Heaven's blessing and stop the coming apocalypse.

    In this part of the saga we will come to manage a team, consisting of four daredevils, representing one of the six classes typical for the series. Unlike earlier installments of the game - this time we do not have the option to choose a race, and all our heroes are human. Since we start with low skills, the key element of the game is the character development system, which gives players great freedom. We gain experience by completing a number of tasks - both main and side quests, and by facing various opponents. New in the series is the ability to choose between real-time combat and the classic turn-based mode.

    Since four years have passed since the release of the previous part of the game, Might and Magic VI represents a huge step forward in terms of setting. Shown from a first-person perspective, the action offers us graphics in full 3D. The new game engine not only allows for smooth 360-degree rotation, but also the ability to look up and down. Seasons and the diurnal cycle have also been introduced. Due to the gap in story and, above all, technology, The Mandate of Heaven does not offer players the possibility to import characters from earlier parts of the game.

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