Old World - Wonders and Dynasties

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  • Old World - Wonders and Dynasties introduces 30 unique ways of starting your game with the addition of new rulers, alongside eight new wonders with which to leave a lasting legacy.
    Each empire has received multiple new leaders to choose from, bringing additional starting conditions, family trees, traits, and events with them. Rule with an iron fist using Sulla’s unique Dictator trait, be the envy of other monarchs with Khufu’s ability to build countless wonders at reduced cost, or quickly forge a massive empire with Nebuchadnezzar’s rapid expansion. New wonders are at your disposal to open up new opportunities throughout a campaign – acquire free specialists with the Jerwan Aqueduct, become the trade capital of the world with the Al Khazneh, or spawn an endless army of swordsmen with the Colosseum.

    Old World - Wonders and Dynasties includes:

    100+ new dynasty-related events including assassination attempts, state dinners, and varied interactions between historical characters across dynasties, cultures, and nations. Rewrite history from the turbulent relations between Nero & Agrippina, to the murder of Stateira.
    21 new character traits centering on the new dynasties. Each trait is unique to a specific character and adds new challenges and opportunities at court or in the field.
    8 new wonders with powerful bonuses and modifiers that can fundamentally change your approach. Whether you rely on the scientific benefits of the Royal Library, the power of faith provided by the Jebel Barkal, or the endless sea of triremes granted by the Cothon, you can seek out new opportunities through these testaments to human ambition.
    120 new historical characters including:
    Hannibal, the fearsome Carthaginian general and statesman
    Hanno the Navigator, famed explorer of the western coast of Africa
    Akhenaten, founder of the monotheistic religion Atenism
    Hammurabi, revered lawgiver and king
    Stateira, progeny of the last Achaemenid shahanshah of Persia
    Shammuramat, the inspiration for legendary Assyrian warrior-queen Semiramis
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