Path to purge

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  • Early Access Game

    Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further.

    background story

    In modern society, human beings gradually put entertainment first, indulging in the happiness brought by material things, and gradually human beings lost the purpose of chasing the truth of the world. Such degenerate human beings are extremely dissatisfied with the Holy Spirit, because the reason why human beings have become like this is all the hands of the devil. Therefore, the Holy Spirit decided to punish the fallen human world, degrading all human beings into obsessive members who lost their feelings, and maybe even seduce the demon gods hiding in the dark by the way and destroy them together.

    The devil has been absorbing the depraved beliefs of human beings for a living, but if human beings are directly degraded into extreme attachments without emotion, it will also affect the intention of the devil. To break such a curse and situation, it is even necessary to destroy the Holy Spirit behind the actual combat curse to save mankind.



    Mobile: WSAD
    Shooting: Release the move button
    Reload: Automatically reload while moving
    Interaction: Spacebar
    View status: Tab

    summon the Archons:

    During the battle, by constantly purifying "human beings", the demon energy can be accumulated. When full of demon energy, pressing the F key can make the demon deity appear in the world and turn the battle situation in one fell swoop.


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