Shadow Gambit: Yuki’s Wish

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  • Avast, ye cursed souls! Set the Red Marley's sails for the DLC expansion Shadow Gambit: Yuki's Wish and embark on a new adventure in the mysterious Lost Caribbean, as the echoes of an ancient dragon call upon you.
    The Shadow Gambit: Yuki's Wish DLC presents a fresh adventure set within Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew. Reunite with Yuki and tanuki Kuma from Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, explore an exotic new island, and experience an enthralling storyline that unravels over the course of six new missions!

    Reunite with Yuki and Kuma from Shadow Tactics: Recruit "Yuki the Twilight Corsair" and her little pet her tanuki Kuma from Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun to your cursed crew. Always a trick up her sleeve, Yuki is a clever thief with an energetic spirit and a good heart, albeit cheeky manners. Yuki adopted Kuma after the events of Shadow Tactics and together they began traveling the world, ending up in the Lost Caribbean as cursed pirates with all-new supernatural powers. Set Yuki's new magical traps that blast foes on contact with a hail of deadly needles and command Kuma to distract enemies or lure your targets towards your strategically placed traps.
    Explore an enchanted Japanese island: Set foot on an enchanted island called "Dragon's Dream", which has recently appeared in the Lost Caribbean. Steeped in Japanese allure of the Edo period – complete with a Japanese castle partially swallowed by the Caribbean waters, a little village and a stone garden – this new island brings back vivid memories of the locales found in Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.
    Awaken an ancient dragon with mystical powers: Join Yuki and Kuma on a fantastic adventure that tells a new story within Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew across six missions set in the Lost Caribbean. After you find Yuki and Kuma as stowaways on board of the Red Marley, she asks you to help her find the fabled island "Dragon's Dream". Legend has it that an ancient dragon resides there, who supposedly grants all wishes to those who dare to stir his eternal slumber. Will you solve the dragon's puzzles and help fulfill Yuki's wish?
    Main game integration: The new DLC character and island seamlessly integrate into the main game. Once you unlock the DLC, you can play Shadow Gambit: Yuki's Wish and recruit "Yuki the Twilight Corsair" to your cursed pirate crew after completing the main game mission "Fruits of Her Labor" on the island Dread Vine's Cove, which is playable after you have revived the first three characters. You can then start Yuki's story at any time and also take her on almost any main game mission.
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