Valor & Victory: Pacific

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  • The Pacific War was a theater of immense strategic importance, with nations vying for control over key territories and vital supply routes. Valor & Victory: Pacific plunges you into this theater of war, where the forces of Japan and China join the fray. Discover the challenges faced by the Australian troops along the treacherous Kokoda Trail, as they fend off the relentless Japanese advance and eventually launch their own counteroffensive. Stand alongside the U.S. Marines as they defend Henderson airfield perimeter against wave after wave of Japanese attacks. Engage in battles against fortified Japanese defenders who refuse to surrender. And fight alongside the Chinese forces as part of the offensive to reopen the critical Burma Road.

    New Features

    With Valor & Victory: Pacific, a wealth of new content awaits you.
    Brace yourself for the introduction of two new nations, Japan and China, bringing fresh perspectives and strategic choices to the game.
    Engage in immersive battles across new maps, each meticulously designed to portray the unique challenges of jungle warfare.
    Prepare for intense combat encounters amidst dense foliage, where every step counts.

    New Units

    Take command of new units specially tailored for the Pacific theater, each with their own strengths and abilities.
    Reenact the pivotal battles that shaped the course of the Pacific War.
    Join the Australian forces along the Kokoda Trail as they heroically defend against the advancing Japanese and subsequently launch daring offensives.
    Stand your ground as the U.S. Marines, tasked with defending the crucial Henderson airfield perimeter, face relentless waves of Japanese attacks.
    Unleash your forces against dug-in Japanese defenders, committed to their cause with unwavering resolve.
    Fight alongside the Chinese as part of the offensive to reopen the vital Burma Road, the lifeline of the region.

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